Feel great today.

Everything is just going its way, it is nice.

Do not know what I can write down here.


Going Home

Landen and I just have a plan to go to my parents’ at the end of May, I am very excited about this.

I miss my parents so much, and I promised to buy them an electric motor, I will do that.

For my mother’s little gift, I would like to realize her dream next year, sorry, mum, I cannot offer you that right now, really sorry for this. Do not worry, I will fulfill your needs.

I just want to go home, I just do not want to care about other things.

I am going home…

Praying for Rudy

Sorry to know that Rudy has been in hospital since last Thursday, and still glad to know that he is doing well and willl be home tomorrow.

Rudy, I know you are always strong, please do take care. I was shocked when Healther told me this. I am praying for you. Although I do not know what did happened to you, but what I know is that you are a great man.

Good person life is safety! You are the one that deserves much better.

Please come back soon, and I am waiting for talking to you. All I can do now is pray and hope.

Lots of love for you.



Is He on Holiday?

I have not talked with Rudy for several days, where is he? He must be on holiday, I guess.

Everything will go on your way, take care.

Don’t Want to Say A Word

I have been down in spirits since last night, and the life pressure makes me feel collapsing. I do not know how to do.
Crying is hopeless. Yeah, hopelessness makes me down. What I want is not like this, at least not living in anxiety. This kind of feeling almost suffocates people to death.
I know I should do something to change the low mood, yes, there is a way to go. Calm down please, Calm down, everything will be fine soon.
There are still people who care about me, and there are still things that I linger about. Find the way out asap. God is aways with me, thank you.

What Can I Do?

I donot know why I just cannot focus on my work, no hope, no passion, no pride, why?
The boring day begins, but I am the one with mind wandering around, feel so tired and weak.
I miss my parents so much that I just want to go home left everything behind. They gave me so many talents, but I cannot use them properly. I hate this kind of life, this kind of me!
What can I do? Where is the hope? I don’t know why I am looking like this. Life is testing me, maybe.
How can I do?

I am Back from the Weekend Day

Last night I came back. The crowded shocked me. You can never imagine how many people there were!
And I got some unpleasant news from Yun, hope her dream will come true soon, God, please bless her.
Value what I have, I am the lucky one anyway, thank you Landen.

On Holiday

Today, I have a little bit gripes, I hope this is the right way going, as the doctor told me.
And I will be on holiday of Tomb-sweeping Day from April 3rd to April 5th, 2011. I want to meet my friends, but I have some things to do and I need a lot of rest.
Landen and I had the plans, we will do that, thank you.
There is something I have waited after my friend promised me, well it seems that he forgot. It is ok although that could make a sense for us.
Fighting, Fighting, Fighting…

Oh, My Life

I never thought It was so painful that I cried during the surgery yesterday afternoon.
I suffered so much during this period, is this so-called fate or destiny? Landen was with me, how lucky I am! And I have so many friends taking care of me, thank you.
I never told my parents what I have suffered, I am afraid that they will worry about me. I am fine now.
So amazing,
With pain,
And sorrow,
Is life itself.
All of us,
And value,
Should deserve much better.

See A Doctor Today

This afternoon I have to go to the hospital to see a doctor. Hope everything will be fine and I will recover soon, thank you for your blessings, please continue to bless me.
Coincidentally, I met the doctor this morning on the way to work, I used to worry whether she would come to the hospital or not. Now I am glad to know she is there. She will help me to get through the suffering and recover asap.
I am going to learn SEO further, and enjoy the process of learning so much that I just cannot wait to know everything about SEO. Fighting, Nancy!
BTW, I talked to Rudy yesterday again, maybe I shouldnot have told him my situation, he worried about me but could not help. Well he did lend me much support and encouragement which are much needed. Thank you, Rudy. Sometimes I think you are a gift from heaven, merci. I love you!

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