Three Days off Work

Last weekend day, I went o Huizhou to meet Landen there and we spent three days together looking around and bought articles for daily use. Yerterday I asked for a day  leaving, and now I come back to work. Time always flies!

I am wondering when I will go Huizhou for a work, how my life will go on, how can I make a living some day when I leave Shenzhen for Huizhou. Actually, I want to stay in Shenzhen, well sometimes, the decision is not on my side. This is a question, to be or not to be?

Well, let’s say, let time make the decision! Just go on doing what I should do.



He Made Me Crazy

What a man!

He came back home at middle night, oh, Gosh! 

What makes me angry is that he did not apologize at all. Rubbish man, I hate you!

oh, my! I just cannot bear such a man, cannot~~~

My Sister’ Job Hunting

I am so glad that my sister has got a job by herself and today is her first day for work, really nice when I got the news that her working place is near with my brother in law.

They can take care of each other by such a small distance. It seems everything is going on smoothly. Although their two small kids Ning and Han live with their grand parents, they will be well supported, do not they? I worried too much before this. Sorry, I love them so much that I always think of them.

BTW, Landen and I had mutual plans on studying and obviously we will follow the steps, learn more and earn more and help more.

Do not worry for us, we are all fine! Fighting!!!