Left Cellphone at Home

I forgot to take cellphone today, and I forgot to call my sister last night.

My sister told me that she would come out for a job, left her two children at home with their grand parents. What a pity! They are too small to take care of themselves. Ning is five years old and Han is 2 years old.

“I have no idea of how to send them to school without income”, my  sister said, “I have to go out to find a job”. It hurt me so much when I heard this. I just feel so ashame that I lost control of crying out.  This is the real way of living in small villages in China. What a country! I want to help them, but I cannot, I have my parents to support also. Maybe coming out is good for her. God, bless her, bless my sister, bless my niece and my nephew, bless this family. Bless my parents, bless Landen and me, bless all of us, please.



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