Very Interesting Background Walls

I have just successfully changed my blog’s background picture, it looks so nice and I really love it.

Thank your for offering such a great function to let us make options and fun.

Leave my joy and sorrow here, share it. Thank you.

Maybe I should not be greedy for more things, Landen is doing good. Both of usare striving for our bright futures. Fighting.

Sorry Landen, I may hurt you last night by saying that, I am so sorry. I do not mean to push you, I just hope you can learn more abilities to survive in the future. 

It hurts whenever I think of our current situation here. If we do not work hard, how can we live a better life?

How can we support our parents, nothing will change if we are getting lasy.

What I want is a easy and comfortable life, not like this living in anxious and worrying about everything.

Hope you can understand me, fight for our future, for our fate.

Bless you, Landen, Bless me, Nancy!


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