Left Cellphone at Home

I forgot to take cellphone today, and I forgot to call my sister last night.

My sister told me that she would come out for a job, left her two children at home with their grand parents. What a pity! They are too small to take care of themselves. Ning is five years old and Han is 2 years old.

“I have no idea of how to send them to school without income”, my  sister said, “I have to go out to find a job”. It hurt me so much when I heard this. I just feel so ashame that I lost control of crying out.  This is the real way of living in small villages in China. What a country! I want to help them, but I cannot, I have my parents to support also. Maybe coming out is good for her. God, bless her, bless my sister, bless my niece and my nephew, bless this family. Bless my parents, bless Landen and me, bless all of us, please.



Very Interesting Background Walls

I have just successfully changed my WordPress.com blog’s background picture, it looks so nice and I really love it.

Thank your for offering such a great function to let us make options and fun.

Leave my joy and sorrow here, share it. Thank you.

Maybe I should not be greedy for more things, Landen is doing good. Both of usare striving for our bright futures. Fighting.

Sorry Landen, I may hurt you last night by saying that, I am so sorry. I do not mean to push you, I just hope you can learn more abilities to survive in the future. 

It hurts whenever I think of our current situation here. If we do not work hard, how can we live a better life?

How can we support our parents, nothing will change if we are getting lasy.

What I want is a easy and comfortable life, not like this living in anxious and worrying about everything.

Hope you can understand me, fight for our future, for our fate.

Bless you, Landen, Bless me, Nancy!

Not Feel Very Well

It hurts whenever I think of not going home.

The family’s pressure makes me feel so helpless, yet I can tell nobody, for I am afraid that unhappiness will infect my beloved ones.

I am the support of them to a large extend, I cannot collapse, I am believed to be strong. I want to say No, but I cannot say a word.

Give me power, give me support, give me hope, God!


We might not go home at the end of May, ai!

A Day Passed

If  there is picture, there is truth?

Met a Resigned Colleague

Last night, I met a resigned colleague Bing when I was near the place I live.  Really nice to meet her. We had a simple dinner together and a great conversation. She now works in a large company named Huaqiang Group.  We have been colleagues from June, 2008 to September, 2010. She is a nice and special girl, I like her.

And after seeing her off, I went to a shop and bought two underwears.  And then cooked lunch meal, and then read books on SEO and then go to bed. Time just flies away!

Learn more skills and then I will leave this company to achieve my goal.

SEO learning is great, and SEO learner has a bright future career. Fighting!

I can do that, Fighting!


Feel great today.

Everything is just going its way, it is nice.

Do not know what I can write down here.

Going Home

Landen and I just have a plan to go to my parents’ at the end of May, I am very excited about this.

I miss my parents so much, and I promised to buy them an electric motor, I will do that.

For my mother’s little gift, I would like to realize her dream next year, sorry, mum, I cannot offer you that right now, really sorry for this. Do not worry, I will fulfill your needs.

I just want to go home, I just do not want to care about other things.

I am going home…

Praying for Rudy

Sorry to know that Rudy has been in hospital since last Thursday, and still glad to know that he is doing well and willl be home tomorrow.

Rudy, I know you are always strong, please do take care. I was shocked when Healther told me this. I am praying for you. Although I do not know what did happened to you, but what I know is that you are a great man.

Good person life is safety! You are the one that deserves much better.

Please come back soon, and I am waiting for talking to you. All I can do now is pray and hope.

Lots of love for you.



Is He on Holiday?

I have not talked with Rudy for several days, where is he? He must be on holiday, I guess.

Everything will go on your way, take care.

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