See A Doctor Today

This afternoon I have to go to the hospital to see a doctor. Hope everything will be fine and I will recover soon, thank you for your blessings, please continue to bless me.
Coincidentally, I met the doctor this morning on the way to work, I used to worry whether she would come to the hospital or not. Now I am glad to know she is there. She will help me to get through the suffering and recover asap.
I am going to learn SEO further, and enjoy the process of learning so much that I just cannot wait to know everything about SEO. Fighting, Nancy!
BTW, I talked to Rudy yesterday again, maybe I shouldnot have told him my situation, he worried about me but could not help. Well he did lend me much support and encouragement which are much needed. Thank you, Rudy. Sometimes I think you are a gift from heaven, merci. I love you!


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