Plans et Blessings

Last night, I read a book on SEO, actually it is the chapter of SEO tools. This is the first time I do not think SEO learning is hard and boring, and I really like it. SEO could be a splendid career in the coming future, so I should get everything ready beforehand, thank you for the chance to know and learn SEO.
Yesterday I even thought over about post graduate study, and the tests still includes politics, oh, God, I hate that test. Maybe I will have a try someday, but not now.
And Landen and I had something in common, we need to make occupational plannings for our future. We do not want always live in penury, we would like to strive for what we do not have.
I really want to buy an electric motor car for my parents this year, I will do that definitely. God, please bless us, bless my parents, my sister’s family, my brother, and Landen’s family and mine, thank you for all the blessings you’ve given to us, thank you, please continue to do this. Thank you!


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