What A Day!

Landen finally made a decision to resign, but things have been changed. The boss Zhang hesitates aways, Gosh! Why we are not blessed? When we image what our life will be, and then something unhappy happened. What I see is that others’ job hopping is so easy with high benefits, why not us this time? Is it because one hopes were so high that one was doomed to disappointment? May be!

I admit I invested in Landen a lot to change our life, and I pinned my hope on him too much, but now both of us disappointed. What a shame! We, both of us, should be work together.

I do not like the way of living worrying about life always, which I have experienced since I was a small kid. We will do something to change, believe it or not, we will have a try!

Hope we are lucky, thank you.




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