Rudy, My Friend

How lucky I am to know Rudy in my life.

I just do not know why I would like to share my soul with him at first. My tear, my laughter, my sorrow, my happiness. He is a great gift offered by God, I always think.

I even cannot remember when we began to chat on Skype. What we talked involves too many aspects, and our topics are always in a perfect conclusion. There are things in common for us.

He encourages me when I am pessmistic; he praises me when I am optimistic; he is always there to listen to me when I am sad; he is always there to share with me when I am happy.

No word can show his gentleness and kindness, I admire him a lot.

The story about Rudy is long, I am trying to write down a little for him.

Rudy, I hope you are happy year by year, day by day, I am here praying for me.

The story will go on…


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