See A Doctor Today

This afternoon I have to go to the hospital to see a doctor. Hope everything will be fine and I will recover soon, thank you for your blessings, please continue to bless me.
Coincidentally, I met the doctor this morning on the way to work, I used to worry whether she would come to the hospital or not. Now I am glad to know she is there. She will help me to get through the suffering and recover asap.
I am going to learn SEO further, and enjoy the process of learning so much that I just cannot wait to know everything about SEO. Fighting, Nancy!
BTW, I talked to Rudy yesterday again, maybe I shouldnot have told him my situation, he worried about me but could not help. Well he did lend me much support and encouragement which are much needed. Thank you, Rudy. Sometimes I think you are a gift from heaven, merci. I love you!


Plans et Blessings

Last night, I read a book on SEO, actually it is the chapter of SEO tools. This is the first time I do not think SEO learning is hard and boring, and I really like it. SEO could be a splendid career in the coming future, so I should get everything ready beforehand, thank you for the chance to know and learn SEO.
Yesterday I even thought over about post graduate study, and the tests still includes politics, oh, God, I hate that test. Maybe I will have a try someday, but not now.
And Landen and I had something in common, we need to make occupational plannings for our future. We do not want always live in penury, we would like to strive for what we do not have.
I really want to buy an electric motor car for my parents this year, I will do that definitely. God, please bless us, bless my parents, my sister’s family, my brother, and Landen’s family and mine, thank you for all the blessings you’ve given to us, thank you, please continue to do this. Thank you!

Have a Try is actually the first idiomatic English blog I use. I used to have

my first blog at in 2008 when I left the former trading company.

I am having a try to link my blog at here, hope this will be a great try for me, thank you!

The first try failed me, oh, my, I would like to try again.

What A Day!

Landen finally made a decision to resign, but things have been changed. The boss Zhang hesitates aways, Gosh! Why we are not blessed? When we image what our life will be, and then something unhappy happened. What I see is that others’ job hopping is so easy with high benefits, why not us this time? Is it because one hopes were so high that one was doomed to disappointment? May be!

I admit I invested in Landen a lot to change our life, and I pinned my hope on him too much, but now both of us disappointed. What a shame! We, both of us, should be work together.

I do not like the way of living worrying about life always, which I have experienced since I was a small kid. We will do something to change, believe it or not, we will have a try!

Hope we are lucky, thank you.



Rudy, My Friend

How lucky I am to know Rudy in my life.

I just do not know why I would like to share my soul with him at first. My tear, my laughter, my sorrow, my happiness. He is a great gift offered by God, I always think.

I even cannot remember when we began to chat on Skype. What we talked involves too many aspects, and our topics are always in a perfect conclusion. There are things in common for us.

He encourages me when I am pessmistic; he praises me when I am optimistic; he is always there to listen to me when I am sad; he is always there to share with me when I am happy.

No word can show his gentleness and kindness, I admire him a lot.

The story about Rudy is long, I am trying to write down a little for him.

Rudy, I hope you are happy year by year, day by day, I am here praying for me.

The story will go on…

Far Away from Home

Thousands of miles away,

There is your home,

A little unfamiliar,

But never strange,

Always full of warmness.

The weathered parents,

And laborious relatives,

Are what you love.


Will bless you,

All of you!

Far away from home,

You are not a stranger.

Value what you have,

And strive for what you don’t have!

Hello, everyone, I am new here, thank you!

Hello, everyone, I am new here, thank you!

I just cannot believe this that I registered successfully today, I used to try many times, and could not register, a lucky day for me, Wow~

Really glad here to know what is new for all of you, and very pleased to share too.



Hello world!

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